fredag 12 mars 2010


Zygmunt Bauman intervjuas, kanske lite väl hovsamt, i en ny bok och svävar ut i långa essäsvar om snart sagt alla aktuella politiska och sociala frågor i vår globaliserade värld. Mycket intressant och spännande läsning - i små portioner.

"In the time of globalization it is the way resentment is directed towards migrants that particularly catches the eye and the imagination, and so is politically profitable. In some perverse way, migrants represents everything that breeds anxiety and stirs up horror in the new variety of uncertainty and insecurity that has been and continues to be prompted by the mysterious, impenetrable and unpredictable 'global forces'. Migrants embody, bring 'into one's backyard', render palpable and all too visible the horrors of destroyed livelihood, enforced exile, social degradation, ultimate exclusion and relegation to a 'non-place' outside the universe of law and rights - and so they incarnate all those halfconscious or subconscious or unconscious existential fears that torment men and women in a liquid modern society. Chasing the migrants away, one rebels (by proxy) against all those mysterious global forces that threaten to visit on everybody the fate already suffered by the migrants. There is a lot of capital in that illusion that can be (and is) adroitly exploited by politicians and markets alike."

(Min kursivering)

Zygmunt Bauman: Living on borrowed time - conversations with Citlali Rovirosa-Madrazo. Polity Press, 2010.

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